The Best of Pat Robertson

I know you’re going to say this should be called the “Worst” of Pat Roberston, but you don’t understand, he’s a real dick on a day to day basis; this is the best he gets!

The infamous Haiti video. Listen to how board he sounds. He’s thinking, damn, even I don’t believe this crap anymore. May favorite part is when the devil says, “Ok, it’s a deal”!

Karate! You may … not necessarily … but you may … inhale demon spirits.

Dangerous Academics! They are like termites! Brain washing termites!

Predicting a very serious 2007 Terrorist attack (chaos will rule) that never happened.

Katrina is Yahweh’s wrath.

So, let’s all raise our hands out to the air and cry, “Pat Robertson is a douche bag”

Thank you

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8 Comments on “The Best of Pat Robertson”

  1. Indeed…what a fool…like so many other idiots on TV here, Pat Robertson makes America look stupid in the eyes of the rest of the world. God help us all, if this is a man people in power trust!

  2. VR2573 Says:

    What a stupid man.I can’t even stand to look at him. he needs much pray………….Please pray for him

  3. “God help us”??? “Pray for him”???
    You guys are joking, right?

    This is what the mind virus of fundamentalist religiosity does to people. This isn’t about America looking like idiots, it’s about believers looking like what they are… deluded buffoons.

    I can hardly wait for Robertson to join Falwell & Oral Roberts in their dirt nap. I just hope, given the pain his brand of unthinking venom has caused, that he dies soon, and not too fast.

    • iowaheretic Says:

      I’m still waiting for Oral Roberts(why did his mother name hin after a blow job?)to raise from the dead to rule the world,as he himself proclaimed(so it must be true)!Just as biblical followers are still waiting for the Apocolypse and the return of Christ, which was predicted in 1914,1915,1918,1925,1935,and 1975,and thier still predicting it!

  4. iowaheretic Says:

    I personally think Jerry Falwall and Pat Robertson have done more damage to civilization than the legendary “Osama bin Laden” could ever do! Thier ways are just more subtle and stretched out over the years since they have been in politics.

  5. iowaheretic Says:

    To Universal Heretic: If you think I’m going to run away to Canada like a gutless coward just because a bunch of lying, theiving, decietful, murdering religious whacked out nut jobs are after me, then you’ve got another thing coming! I was born in this country just like you and everyone else, and I’ve lived according to the Constitution my whole life. They are the one’s breaking all the laws of this country by trying to force thier moranic infantile beliefs onto me or anyone else with thier murdering deciet! They can all kiss my ass. Why don’t you run to Canada if you think it’s so great?

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