Unnatural Creatures in the Garden

The Diocese of Bath and Wells, Timothy Briden, has banned garden gnomes from the from the Wrington and Congresbury cemeteries in Somerset England because they are “unnatural creatures”. Unnatural? Exactly what makes them unnatural? Is it all the gay sex they have? Because I hear that’s unnatural, too. Pretty much anything the church doesn’t like is “unnatural”.

A spokesman for the Diocese has said, “Things such as gnomes and plastic flowers are not permitted because they are aesthetically unattractive”. I really think that the Diocese should learn the word, “I”. As in, “I think these things are aesthetically unattractive, so get your damn gnomes out of our cemetery even if your loved ones are buried here because it’s not you that counts, it’s me.” It’s at least a bit more respectful.

Link to article

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