Nova: The Bible’s Buried Secrets

PBS played a documentary on the Hebrew bible on Tuesday night from the stance of “what the archeology really says”. Not too bad. Not great, but pretty good. I would say that it takes a kid gloves approach to critical analysis of the OT and it panders to religion a bit too much (in an effort not to offend, I suppose). It would probably be a good first step for for the odd person teetering on atheist/agnosticism. Or someone that doesn’t know that they are allowed to question three thousand year old mythology. Netflix it and play it for your mom. Look out for a documentary called the Exodus Decoded, though (done by James Cameron, sadly). It’s pseudo-science gone wild. On the plus side, it seems to piss of Christians as well as atheists since it takes the faith out of the exodus.

Israel Finkelstien has a book called the Bible Unearthed that covers the same subject, but a bit better IMO.

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