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Turns out, Keeping God Out of Gov’t is a Social Necessity

November 22, 2008

According to this study, societies are much better off when religion is kept at bay. Societies with strong religious beliefs and practices have much higher rates of murder, suicide, abortion, and sexual promiscuity.

This isn’t surprising to me at all. There often seems to be a correlation between strong religious behavior and a refusal to take personal responsibilities for your actions. Of course, you do have to keep in mind that correlation does not necessarily imply causation. It could be that the high instance of social ills winds up driving people to religion. But, it would say that an increase in religion definitely does not improve anything.

My own view point, scientific or not, it that any form of non-humanist religious behavior would be inherently damaging to society. Social ills can’t be improved through inactivity. Effort has to be performed, i.e., giving to charity, volunteering. Many religious groupd do this (as do many atheist groups), but the ones that practice retreating from society and praying instead of acting will not be benefitting anyone.


Kansas pastor defends Mulsim President sign

November 22, 2008

Why would anyone follow this guy?
If he feels just fine lying on signs, why would he tell the truth on the pulpit?

He may not feel Obama is a christian (he apparently has a very narrow view of Christianity that would probably wind up excluded quit a few Christian sects), but he never explains why he thinks he’s a Muslim.

I also find it odd that these churches speak against separation of church and state when it comes to shooting their mouths off, but are just fine with it when it comes to not paying taxes.