Health Care for ALL!

Here’s an excellent and informative article about our current state of health care in the US. We really need to know where we are at if we are ever going to make any improvements. Points made:

  1. We DON’T have the best health care in the world
  2. We are already paying for our own insurance
  3. Private insurance has really high administrative costs
  4. The current system is dysfunctional and in need of reform
  5. Most American are ready for a change. Now!

Link to Article

Visit Health Care for America Now, and sign up for the email updates on how you  can help

If you are in MN, you can help out by signing up for the Minnesota Health Plan, an org fighting for single payer health care coverage in MN. I think this is close and may wind up being a pilot state that shows the rest of America how it’s done.

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