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Religion in the Town Square

December 9, 2008

During this election season, the GOP kept touting emphatically that religion belongs in the “town square”. We don’t have a town square where I live, so I’m not sure what this means. If I were to take it literally, I would imagine a time before TV when, for entertainment, people would go to a local public gathering area and would watch someone speak about the issues of the day.
But, since we have books, tv, and the internet, people in today’s world don’t really do this. The have different and, in pretty much every way that I can imagine, better ways of getting information and entertainment.

Even though it’s antiquated, though, people are indeed free to go down to the local square, jump up on a stump and speak to the non-existent audience about religion or anything else that happens to be on their minds.  So, why were they demanding a right that they already have?

Based upon past performance, I suspect that religion “in town square” is actually a code word for something. Like the way “defense of marriage” was code for banning gay marriage. Or, “stimulating the economy” is code for tax breaks for the rich. It’s probably code for destroying separation of church and state. Why do they want to destroy separation of church and state? Dunno. They probably have some issue with their church that they want the government to regulate for them.

Why do they use code words? They’re probably embarrassed. Or, they’re afraid that if they actually said what they ment that no one would vote for them.