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God Hates Santa

December 11, 2008

God Hates Fags Santa

Aw, the Westboro Baptist Church. What would be do without them. They are the theoretical maximum for all things unreasonable. They want to put a sign on the Washington court house lawn that everyone’s been talking about that says “Santa Claus Will Take You To Hell“.

Forget the atheist sign, this is the reason for keeping religious displays off of government property. Once the flood gates open, all the kooks can get in.

This war of holiday displays started simply enough. A Holiday Tree had always been put on display in the government building. This year, a local citizen petitioned to put a huge menorah up as well (this is were the problem starts). The menorah made a local Christian feel left out, so they wanted a nativity scene. With an ever increasing number of religious displays, an atheists placard was added (that was stolen, returned, then stuck in a hallway for it’s own protection, and the protection of the other displays because, from what I understand, it is constantly bitch slapping the other displays). Now the Phelps clan (the Westboro Baptist Church is a pretty homogeneous group, geologically speaking), better known for their “God Hates Fags” signs and their protesting of military funrals are petitioning to get their sign added.A display for the Flying Spaghetti Monster is also in queue for permission.
Meanwhile, perhaps the only words of wisdom on the whole affair has been from a reverend, oddly enough. Rev Barry W Lynn in a short essay, says we should take them all down and let the gov’t building be a gov’t building, not a public display zone.  Makes sense to me.