Sarcasm used to diagnose dementia

Well, this affirms some suspicions. The University of South Wales have found that patients with dementia are unable to detect sarcasm.

For a real life example of this, check out the Hate Mail section over at the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Talk about inability to detect sarcasm (of course there is some double layered sarcasm on there. For a fun game, try to spot the Poe).

“People with FTD become very gullible and they often part with large amounts of money,” he said, adding that one in 4000 people around the world are afflicted with the condition.

Mmm, I wonder how this coorelates with religious belief?

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One Comment on “Sarcasm used to diagnose dementia”

  1. sunnyskeptic Says:

    It’s a good way to diagnose dementia and another disease, Stick Up the Ass Syndrome, or SUAS. Very sad, very common, no cure has been found yet. 🙂

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