Room in Heaven for Everyone: Salvation By Deeds?

surveyThe Pew Forum of Religion and Public Life published a survey in June which showed that 70% of Americans believed that people of other faiths could get into heaven.

They repeated the survey in December and got a similar results: 65%.

It seems that some fundagelicals are upset over this and are assuming that people are just ignorant. Personally, I think it’s a clear sign that people are becoming less ignorant and specifically less xenophobic. After all, the whole concept of a chosen people was constructed out of the old tribe mentality; us vs them. But, that thinking quite clearly does not work with the concept of a loving god. God would have to be bigoted and spiteful in order to adopt this type of system. After all, according to Christian teachings we are all Yahweh’s children. Why would he damn large sections of his children to hell merely for being a product of the culture that he chose to put them into? That wouldn’t make any sense.

Obviously, I don’t believe the whole heaven/hell dogma, but it is nice to know that there are people out there that are willing to reward good people for being good, rather than just rewarding random people for nothing more than holding a book in their hand.

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