Rick Warren is a condom burning douche

First of all, the Purpose Driven Life was drivel.

The intolerant gay bashing pastor, Rick Warren, has been praised for his crusade to battle AIDS in South Africa. But, is this praise warranted? What has he been doing besides shooting off his mouth? Well, turns out there is very little information available about his “efforts”. Any positive efforts, that is.

United Nations special envoy, Stephen Lewis has said that the activism of Warren’s South African allies is:

resulting in great damage and undoubtedly will cause significant numbers of infections which should never have occurred

Warren’s principle voice in African is Martin Ssempa, who has appeared with Warren at his Saddleback Church and referred to by Warren as a “brother”.

Ssempa’s stunts have included burning condoms in the name of Jesus and arranging the publication of names of homosexuals in cooperative local newspapers while lobbying for criminal penalties to imprison them.

This tirade against condoms is patently ridiculous because they have been shown to have worked to reduce the instances of AIDs up to this point.

During the early 1990s, when many African leaders denied the AIDS epidemic’s existence, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni spoke openly about the importance of safe sex. With the help of local and international non-governmental organizations, he implemented an ambitious program emphasizing abstinence, monogamous relationships, and using condoms as the best ways to prevent the spread of AIDS. He called the program “ABC.” By 2003, Uganda’s AIDS rate plummeted 10 percent. The government’s free distribution of the “C” in ABC—condoms—proved central to the program’s success, according to Avert, an international AIDS charity.

Just goes to show you, Warren, and others like him, do not care whether a program is successful or not. They only care that it follows their theology. And they are willing to sacrifice other’s lives for their own selfish reasons.

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