Franken vs Coleman: the MN Senate Recount

Picking on online newspaper commenters is a little like kicking a paraplegic, but hay, I’m game. Mostly because the ones that have been throwing their two cents into the Franken/Coleman recount story have been such angry and ignorant douches that I think there’s nothing left to do than throw them into their own stinking category of dunderheads. They’ve had all the misspelled worlds, unnecessary quotations, and all CAPPED words of Christian hate mail.

And who would actually want Coleman in office anyway? He’s a snake. A money laundering womanizing snake. The commotion over the election is just back lash from McCain supporters venting over the presidential race.

Most of these kooks seem to have a hard time accepting that this was a state mandated recount; whenever there is an exceptionally low difference in votes there is going to be a large error possibility. It would be negligent of MN not to recount the votes. But, the conservatives still want it to somehow be Al Franken’s fault.

In early January, it was announced that the recount was over and Franken was ahead by 225 votes. Coleman immediately said he would sue. Why? Cause he’s a winner! And now the armchair politicians are declaring fraud from the comfort of their homes, even though the only ballot they handled was their own (if even that). Us sane folks have chosen to take it easy and trust the election judges.

I do hope that Franken keeps the lead, though. After all, can your senator do this?

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One Comment on “Franken vs Coleman: the MN Senate Recount”

  1. sunnyskeptic Says:

    Go Franken, Go!!! It’s not like he’s an AWESOME candidate, but he’s WAY better than Coleman! It’s not hard to be, you can be a freakin’ cardboard cut out and whip Coleman’s butt. Basically all you have to do is try to be honest half of the time. 🙂

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