Atheist Ads Ok … in some places

Rock the Bus, Don't Tip the Bus Over!

Rock the Bus, Don't Tip the Bus Over!

The Advertising Standards Society in Britain has looked at 326 complaints by whiny smug Christians and they have determined that the Atheist bus ads do not mislead people. Well, no duh! If Christians can have their crappy ads up, we can have ours up. Thousands of Christians ads are placed all over the place; one atheist ad campaign and suddenly everyone gets their panties in a bunch. Well, bite it! It’s your turn.

Unfortunately, the news is not so good in Italy, where bus ads weren’t even allowed to run. The Catholic Church is patting itself on the back, saying that they played a part in stopping the proposed ads. Since they run their own ads (they recently put up 5,ooo posters around Rome), it’s sounds a bit biased hypocritical of them to not allow another theological viewpoint to be heard.

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