… and nonbelievers

080709_barack_obamaAnd with this little inclusive term, President Obama managed to piss off the nation’s fundagelicals. Yes, how dare he admit that people that have actually read the Bible exist! Of course, to non-bigots Barack’s speech was about as controversial as a vanilla cone (cake cup, of course … waffle cones can get a little messy). The focus of the comment was some sort of “we’re all stronger for our differences” type of thing, but apparently a few people think our differences are a nuisance.

Bishop E.W. Jackson of Exodus Faith Ministries said:

The overwhelming majority of Americans identify as Christians, and what disturbs me is that he seems to be trying to redefine who we are

Boy, this asshole really can’t stand it that other people are different from him, can he? He claims that others were

perplexed and put off by the president’s shout-out to nonbelievers

Perplexed? Really? They were perplexed that some people don’t believe in the god-fairy? Do these shut ins ever leave their church?

Jackson doesn’t seem to have a problem with Jews, though. Probably only because it’s out of vogue.

Obviously, Jewish heritage is very much a part of Christianity

He should tell that to a Jew. See if they agree. They don’t accept Jesus as divine, you know. They think he was a fraud. Therefore all Christians would be people worshiping a charleton as god. Which is pretty much what atheists think. Huh, I guess we’re not so different.

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3 Comments on “… and nonbelievers”

  1. truelogic Says:

    I wonder why so many of those that believe in God are so full of hate. I thought Jesus was a man of peace. Granted, his father drowned babies in a great flood and caused the abortion of the child in the womb through this torturous, slow murder of life on earth. But Jesus was supposed to be a man of peace and I thought they always tell us to be like Jesus or do what Jesus would do. Seems Obama wants to bring peace and people together, like Jesus. I guess they really hate those that are really like Jesus. But then again, they get mixed signals with regard to love, and compassion. What Father and especially the perfect heavenly father would torture billions of his children (to include real children) by burning their flesh for eternity? They think this God is moral and good after he promises to do such evil acts? Yeah, they are a bit confused. Really, their heavenly father watches children being molested and hears the cries of those children yet he decides to do nothing to stop it and lets it continue. Even when the family and friends are praying to him to end it all and bring back the child safely. But, according to those that worship such evil, God is moral, and loving. Did I miss something in my youth about what is wrong and evil? Torture by fire, is not love or moral. Drowning babies is NOT moral or compassionate. But hey, this kind of logic just doesn’t register with a person that believes in such a being.
    Their very God stated he created evil and that he created the wicked for the evil day (the child molester) and that “if evil happens, have I (god) not done it?”. Yet they are fooled into calling all this moral and good. Pretty twisted, isn’t it?

  2. House Says:

    Well, I think you guys are people, just like me. And I include you in humanity, just like I’d hope you’d include me. To hell with those “fundagelical” hypocrites! There are many in this country who have respect for all. Good post.


  3. I include everyone in humanity. The world is full of great people of all kinds. The fundagelicals seem to do all they can do to separate us. I’ve never understood that.

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