Voodoo vs Bible

voodooA Saint Paul woman who had claimed that another woman used voodoo to steal her husband away from her is dropping the lawsuit she had filed over the case, because of the power of prayer:

I feel that God wants me to withdraw the case and hand Marcellus over to him

A yes, the voodoo; it stole my man away. But the Jesus helped me accept it! Yep, One imaginary force canceling out another imaginary force. Now, that is one power religion can lay claim to have for all I care. Battling other superstitions. As long as they keep it amongst themselves and keep it out of government, I’m fine with it.

cross_12That being said, I hate the term the power of prayer. It is meaningless. All she is claiming is that she has come to terms with her husband leaving her; not really an amazing supernatural event. Plus, she’s still not taking any personal responsibility. Whether it’s voodoo or Christianity, it’s a crutch.

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