Indulge Me

The Catholic Church is once again engaging in the business of Indulgences. They’re not selling them anymore (they’ve actually learned that lesson), but rather they are giving them out to people for going to confession, or saying a prayer for the pope. Its just a ploy to get people in the door, of course. Once you get them in, you’ve got them. Like the prize in the Cracker Jacks, or that first wiff of heroin.

Its cute, but all too obvious that the church itself doesn’t even believe anymore. If the church really believed this, if they really believed that they had the ability to alleviate suffering in the after life by waving a magic wand or anything else, it would be a sin for them not to grant indulgences to everyone on the planet. Like a heavenly good sumaritan law. As it is, they just need a novelty to get people in the door so they can start filling up those collection plates.

Purgatory is silly, anyway. Its not Biblical. They did away with limbo a couple of years ago, they should do the same with purgatory. Presto, wave a finger and it all goes away.

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One Comment on “Indulge Me”

  1. sunnyskeptic Says:

    Yeah, maybe they can give them out at church basement BINGO? 🙂

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