Footprints, part 2

27foot1901.5 million year old footprints have been uncovered in Lake Turkana, Kenya (what a country, not only do they have good coffee, but great human origin finds). The footprints have been described as “Essentially modern human like foot anatomy”. How cool is that?

These footprints were probably left by a Homo erectus (hee hee … erectus …). The last really cool proto-human footprints found were Australopithecus afarensis footprints that were dated to 3.7 million years and, while still bi-pedal, were more apelike in their gate.

Some really cool laser scanning technique was used to measure the footprints.

The lead author of the journal report is Matthew R. Bennett, a dean at Bournemouth University in England, who analyzed the prints with a new laser technology for digitizing their precise depths and contours.

Science is so cool! Or, just made up (if you’re Christian).

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