Christian Teachers in the UK May be Forced to Respect Others!

In the UK, the General Teaching Council is proposing a code of conduct for teachers and it has the Catholic Church all in a tizzy.

Principle 4 of the draft code states that teachers must “proactively challenge discrimination” and “promote equality and value diversity in all their professional relationships and interactions”.

And this is what the church doesn’t like. Apparently, they don’t want to “proactively challenging discrimination” or “promote equality”. I guess those are bad things in the Christian religion.

The Christian Institute, a charity that supports worshipers who feel discriminated against in the workplace, claims the GTC code could be used by educational establishments to insist that staff promote homosexual rights or other religions such as Islam, going against the beliefs of many Christians.

Ah, now I get it. They won’t be able to actively discriminate against homosexuals anymore. Well, they’d better stand up for their rights, then so they can continue to do their gay bashing.

Colin Hart, director of the Christian Institute, said: “Respect for people as people is not the same as respecting or valuing every religious belief or sexual lifestyle.”

That’s rich … coming from someone who directs an institute that supports people that feel discriminated against.

“Forcing this on Christian teachers is to force them to go against their conscience.”

Their what? Their conscience? Their conscience that tells them not to respect others? Is their “conscience” another term for “knee jerk reaction”, “hatred”, and “bigotry”? What not put an emphasis on calmly and coolly thinking about other people? Putting yourself in their shoes? Applying a well reasoned philosophy, like humanism?

I really don’t understand why people think their “conscience” is god talking to them. If there was an all powerful god that had a problem with homosexuality, I really doubt we would hear about it on account of a few screaming mobs.

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