Richard Dawkins Lecture: The Purpose of Purpose

My honey and I just got back from Richard Dawkins’ lecture at the Northrop Auditorium, The Purpose of Purpose. As always, Dawkins was insightful, scholarly, and funny. Everyone seemed to have fun and learn a bit more about evolutionary theory. Kudos to Dr Dawkins for putting it together.

We didn’t get the usual crazies at this lecture, though I think there was one in the question and answer queue at the end. The moderator had already called “last question”, but one guy still stood in line anyway (a sure sign of someone looking to commandeer the mike and give his religi-nut speech). But luckily they cut the sound and he walked away. I swear, these guys are just assholes. Why do they think they get to barge into a science lecture and fill it full of their superstitious brainwashed cult bullshit? We still have to get together an organized campaign of atheists crashing churches and shouting stupid questions at the pastors. Give the unthoughtful dicks a taste of their own ignorance.

But, I digress. Richard’s new book, the Greatest Show on Earth will be about the evidence for evolution and it will be sorely needed. The God Delusion itself filled such a great gap. It saved us all so much time and effort and really showed how lazy creationists are. They throw dozens of stupid questions at us,  and now the answers are in one convenient book. And there is no excuse for religious people not reading it. Every atheist I know has read the christian bible cover to cover, but atheist are too god damn lazy to find out what the second law of thermodynamics says.

Since the God Delusion, one of the most common questions (or, assertions) I’ve heard is “where’s the evidence for evolution?” Apparently we’re supposed to take them by the hand and show them a museum or make them watch any of dozens of programs on the discovery channel because they can’t google “fossils” or “DNA”. Well, now we’ll have another title to give them to read.

Perhaps they have problems figuring out “books”. Theydo seem to think that carrying a bible counts as reading it.

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