Nazareth Did Not Exist In The Time of Jesus

James Randi talks about the historical and archeological reasons to doubt the existence of an historical Jesus.

This data, as well as the textual data we have, seems to place the construction of the Jesus story pretty firmly in the 2nd century CE. According critical analysis, Mark, the earliest gospel, appears to have been written following the Bar Kochba revolution in 132 CE.

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4 Comments on “Nazareth Did Not Exist In The Time of Jesus”

  1. Rev. Barky Says:

    I’ve seem this – its a pretty good explanation about the inconsistency of the Bibble.

  2. Monkeyface Says:

    Now that they’ve found 1st century remains in Nazareth these morons feel vindicated. Would like a sober assessment of what they really found tho… any idears?

    • Archeology is pretty slow moving, though I trust their findings. Most archeological digs are pretty well reviewed, even the religious ones, which is why the historicity of the Old Testament is pretty much shattered. The New Testament just doesn’t have an awful lot to say that can be proved or disproved through digging.

      The “Nazareth wasn’t a city in the 1st century” theory was an interesting one, though I took it with a grain of salt. I saw Rene Salme (sp?) give a presentation on his Nazareth book when it was first released and remember thinking, that if they found just one guys tool shed from the 1st century his entire book would be obsolete.
      Such is the nature of archeology, though. There was a bath house that was found in Nazareth a half dozen years ago that was claimed to be from the 1st century, but it turned out it was from the middle ages. That one looked to me to be a couple that were were looking to make some sort of tourist site out of it. There’s money to be had.

      It looks like the area around Nazareth has been occupied for quite some time, though, as this 10,000 year old
      cult center complete with penis statues shows

      What I really don’t like is the journalism surrounding these finds. Every time somebody finds a scrap of paper or an outhouse they have to bring up the Bible and it’s characters; it’s from the time of Jesus, it’s from the time of David, etc. It’s just down right silly. I’ve yet to see a “from the time of Beowulf” byline, though there are plenty of historical places named in that story.


    to universal, brother! wells said…i was looking for information on the peiking man when i landed up in this interesting topic lol, religeon? how strange,who cares? confusing…jesus? the simplest explanation toward religeon goes something like this “humpty dumpty sat on a wall(balanced),humpty dumpty has a great fall,all the kings men and all the kings horses couldnt put humpty together again”—simple-logic that book will always be can it be divine doctrine? i use divine for lack of a better word however you must realise that the filthy language called english is highly ambiguous,goodluck gents-Peace be upon you. “within all lies,conspiracy and theory lies truth for all these exist within our current reality,in order to tell these “lies” one must know some form of the truth” the question is,what is the truth…your answer is GOD is truth,wat you believe starts to become reality since your mind creates everything around you. I AM FREE as i believe in nothing but MYSELF, that is all you have in this world,watever happend will always keep happening since we are the generation as the generations before us,there is nothing new under the sun,for we are all one and history repeats not dwell too much in what you cannot fix,it almost ruined my life,i nearly lost grip of reality is current,my present,myself. peace once more brothers. love from south africa! come join us for the world cup!

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