Catholic Mob Storms Connecticut Capitol

Catholics are storming the Connecticut statehouse to demand that no laws should get passed that don’t match up with their belief system.

Some of the estimated 1.3 million Catholics in Connecticut – a state of 3.5 million – have complained about the state legalizing civil unions for same-sex couples, approving state funding for embryonic stem cell research and considering legislation that bans discrimination against transgender people.

That’s right, they believe that every laws passed must enforce their dogma on everyone else in the state. If it doesn’t, they are being discriminated against! A law that legalizes gay marriage in no way forces a Catholic to get married or forces any private Catholic church to perform a gay wedding. Embryonic stem cell research is the most promising medical research we have at the moment. And discrimination against transgender people?! What do they want to do? They want to discriminate against transgenders?
Go figure. some sort of god complex, I guess.

But, that’s not all. They also want priests to not report sexual abuse!!!!

Catholics were also angered by a failed attempt in 2002 to require priests to report sexual abuse – even if they learned about it during confession – if a child was in imminent danger.

Well, these angry assholes get no sympathy from me. Anyone that tries to hide a case of sexual abuse is a monster, priest or not.

But apparently not all bills are bad:

A group of parishioners, upset about recent cases of priests accused of embezzling large sums from parishes in Darien and Greenwich, had asked the Judiciary Committee to raise a bill this session to require more lay people on these boards.

So, one instance of watching over priests (by having them report child rape) is bad, but another instance (making sure they don’t take their money) is good.

Apparently their priests are too busy molesting kids and embezzling money
to bone up on morality.

Speaking of morality, apparently murder is on the table:

The committee leaders, Democratic Sen. Andrew McDonald and Democratic Rep. Michael Lawlor, both Roman Catholics, are now facing the brunt of Catholics’ anger over the legislation.
Capitol Police Chief Michael J. Fallon said his department is investigating at least one credible death threat against the lawmakers. Both Lawlor and McDonald have received thousands of angry e-mails.

These bullies need to be stood up to. An angry mob of Catholics is no different than an angry mob of Muslims, Buddhists, or Mandaein’s. They cannot dictate secular law to enforce their beliefs on others. And, if they can’t follow their own rules with out the help of secular laws, that’s between them and their big invisible god-man.

Not even beliefnet is taking them seriously. How pathetic is that

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