Jesus Fish and SUVs

I’ve realized today that whenever I see one of those Jesus Fish (the Ichthys) on a vehicle, most of the time they seem to be on huge gas guzzling SUVs.

Is it because the don’t believe petroleum come from dead animals? Perhaps oil is created spontaneously for man’s use. Use all you want, God’ll make more.

Apparently, being a Christian means never having to be responsible in so many ways.

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2 Comments on “Jesus Fish and SUVs”

  1. vjack Says:

    If the rapture is coming any day now, there isn’t much incentive to be kind to our planet, is there? At least some moderate Christians can get behind the idea of not completely screwing their children and grandchildren, but this doesn’t work for the rapture-ready crowd.

    • I saw a Home School Science Fair project on where oil “really” comes from once. It had something to do with anaerobic bacteria spontaneously secreting it. It would have been funny if it wasn’t so creepy.

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