The Pope is Not a Humanist

The Pope finally come right out and said it. Condoms are bad, mm-kay; even in AIDs strewn southern Africa. What a douche. Condoms, that have been proven effective (Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s condom distribution program reduced AIDs by 10%), are by the Popes standards, not the answer.

I think it’s very plain to see that the Pope doesn’t care what works and what doesn’t. He doesn’t care if people get sick or die. He has no desire to end AIDs. But, he apparently does believe that putting latex against your dick will damage your soul. Why should we respect this man? He’s willing to throw away human life because of his idiotic fear of condoms (which is not biblical, btw). Keep it in mind, other religious leaders that are reading the same book this jerk is are just fine with condom use.

Catholics dismiss the Old Testament when it makes them look silly, but they use it as an authority to back up their bronze age mythology. The Bible says be fruitful and multiply, it does not say to do it indiscriminately, damn the consequences.

Even his own people disagree. The one that actually work in Africa:

“Some priests and nuns working with those living with HIV/AIDS question the church’s opposition to condoms amid the pandemic ravaging Africa.”

The Pope cannot prove that there is a god, but we can prove that condoms reduce the risk of STDs including AIDs. It’s not rocket science.


Hey, it’s not just me. It looks like the Pope’s outdated and ignorant stance on condoms is getting to a few Catholics as well. In an article title “Impeach the Pope” Robert McElvaine, a Catholic and Professor of Arts and Letters, outlines a few of Pope Ratzinger’s more “jerk like” actions:

  • insulting Muslims by declaring that Muhammad had brought “things only evil and inhuman”
  • reiterating that ordination of women is not even open for discussion and declaring that anyone involved with the ordination of women will be automatically excommunicated
  • lifting the excommunication of Holocaust-denier Richard Williamson
  • telling the people of a continent decimated by AIDS that the distribution of condoms “increases the problem” of the spread of AIDS.

And I will add

  • insulting the Jewish faith by re-adding a rightfully removed prayer from the old Latin rite for the conversion of Jews.

Is there any way to impeach a Pope who has overstepped his bounds and abused his power? Nope. Maybe that’s why they always elect octogenarians. They figure they won’t be around for too long.

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