Pope condems sexual violence in Africa

Pope Benedict XVI, before huge crowds in Africa, has condemned sexual violence against women.

Yet, he still opposes the ordination of women in the Catholic Church, and has failed to properly deal with the child sex scandals. It’s all for the cameras, folks. We all know that  back home at the Vatican the Pope is walking around in a wife beater with his hand down his pants. He’s a sexist hiding behind a big hat.

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2 Comments on “Pope condems sexual violence in Africa”

  1. Rev. Barky Says:

    Is it any wonder that the only places that the Catholic Church is growing is in the 3rd world? They have given up on the US (Luther kicked them out of Germany, Henry out of England, etc) Exploit the poor and impoverished – that’s the Catholic way. In Jesus Christ our Lord.

    • They third world is ripe for the picking. All those uneducated young minds all ready to be twisted to their approval. I’ve just got too many morals to be religious.

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