More Crackpot email

This one is from sent to the MN Atheist Ed Board. Obviously it’s from someone that thinks they have some writing talent. One of the last lines, “If you will just read the Bible, you can’t get thru even half of it without feeling a supernatural power touching you” is rich, because reading the Bible is precisely to sort of thing that makes many people atheists. I often wonder if people who write/say that have ever read the Bible themselves. It’s such an ungodly stupid and vile book. What do atheists have to do to stop getting unsolicited emails from superstitious hoodoo voodoo crackpots?

Sitting on the side of her hospital bed, holding her head on his lap, Mr. Manning couldn’t hold back his tears any longer. “If I have been wrong all these years, and if there is a God….please, please heal my daughter…she’s just 12 years old…she’s my baby…my world.” And as his tears fell like rain, a presence entered the room and enveloped the two of them in warmth….in healing….in love. The 12 year old daughter was healed miraculously and her father forgiven and given revelation…. revelation that Jesus Christ is alive and well on planet earth….and has been……yesterday, today and forever. He spent the rest of his life a devout Christian, correcting the wrong theory that he taught for all of those years. Later in life, his daughter became a profound inspirational song and poetry writer. There will be a judgment and there will be accountability for all the deeds you have done in your life, whether they be good or whether they be evil. I felt inspired to write this, knowing that the one to whom God would like to speak to will be the one who will read this. God bless you and give you revelation in the reality of his presence. If you will just read the Bible, you can’t get thru even half of it without feeling a supernatural power touching you. That is my personal testimony. I felt (actually felt) a power touching me as I was reading the Bible. It was warm, it was gentle, and in this Spiritual being that was touching me, I felt joy, peace and love….It is a hard thing to explain. God Bless!!!

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