Trippin’ For God

Drink the tea, take that pearl ...

Drink the tea, take that girl ...

The Church of the Holy Light of the Queen in Ashland Oregon has won the right to drink an “hallucinogenic tea” as part of it’s ceremony. It’s brewed from the ayahuasca plant, which contains DMT.

Is this giving churches special status? There are, after all, real honest medical issues that can be aided with the use of illegal drugs (like glaucoma and recovery from cancer treatment), and they are not given a complete write off (the federal enforcement of medical marijuana may be changing, though).

The only mention of religion in the Constitution are both contained in one sentence in the First Amendment. They are referred to as the Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

By asking the members of a religion to obey the laws of the United States, are we “prohibiting” their free exercise of religion?

The church argued it’s case under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which is a law passed in 1993 that, for the most part, only reinforces the Free Exercise Clause.

I really don’t see how a judge can rule that your organization has the right to break the law simply because of a religious claim, especially since it does not work for scientifically proven medical issues. The religious institution doesn’t need to prove a thing, that, for instance, the drug aids them in achieving a spiritual perspective, they only need to make a claim and, because they are a church, it’s protected. It’s silly.

And it’s not an age old religion. It’s a syncretism of Christianity and South American shamanism known as Santo Daime, and was founded in 1930. So, pick the religion of your choice, then find a religion that takes the drug of your choice, and presto, new religion with all the touble free drug use you want.

That being said … how does one become a member of this church?

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14 Comments on “Trippin’ For God”

  1. yunshui Says:

    Surely this opens the floodgates for all kinds of claims – what’s to stop me founding the First Church of Yunshui and insisting that my followers and I all need to smoke large quantities of crack in order to commune with our Creator? Or that payment of taxes is against the teachings of my religion? Or that Yunshuism views common assault as a divine requirement, and it is especially holy if one takes the victim’s mobile phone in the process?

    I have a feeling the court will come to regret its decision. This is not a precedent that they want to set.

  2. Dave Says:

    I was happy to see this. I have no idea why people are afraid of hallucinogenic substances.

    I’m an old retired man dying of liver disease and I would want to be given the ability to find some sort of transcendence.

    This does have historical precedent too.

    I know from experiences 40 years ago that there is more than meets the eye. I would love the ability to experience that vision again.

    • You linked to a very good article. Aldous Huxley was truly a revolutionary thinker and had some great insight for people of any faith.

    • Dave Says:

      I doubt Huxley had any faith. He regarded the mind as a ‘reducing valve’ which causes us to remove experience from our live. He saw ‘psychedelics’ as a way to open that valve.

      My nervous system is all that defines me.
      Who can legally prohibit me the right to stimulate it in the way I feel is best for me.

      We all are on the way to the grave.

  3. James Hargrave Says:

    I’m glad the Supreme Court recognized our freedom before it was trampled on by so-called “Christians”. I cannot stand hypocrites and self-righteous people. Why shouldn’t these people be allowed to worship as they want? It’s not like their grabbing people off the street and making them drink this stuff. If people want to do that then isn’t that their right? And thank God our fore-fathers had the foresight to plainly describe that in the Constitution. Good for them! Makes me want to move to the Northwest and join.

  4. James Hargrave Says:

    And had I known that I was “supposedly” denying the Holy Spirit I would have said also to you, that in the very freedom of you saying that you have lowered yourself to the very hypocritical and self-righteous people that we stand against. Why not allow someone to think and do as they would without your ignorance. I embrace the Holy Spirit and Taoism and everything else that makes a person spiritual. “There is No religion higher than Truth”. I have sympathy for you. May you find your path.

    • I Wasn’t aware that I was not allowing you to think and do as you would. If you serious think you have denied the “holy spirit”, I assure you that you have not. The phrase is just a wink an a nod at a very strange verse attributed to Jesus in the synoptic gospels. Look it up, read about it. If it doesn’t strike you as a very strange think for the prince of peace to say, then you are a victim of dogma.

  5. Arjun Says:

    Namaste. ~ Hare Krsna ~

    Article Quote: “I really don’t see how a judge can rule that your organization has the right to break the law simply because of a religious claim, especially since it does not work for scientifically proven medical issues.”

    Sounds to me You’re just another person brainwashed by mainstream paradigms aka zeitgeist.

    You’re missing the argument and point completely. The US government or any government for that matter shouldn’t have a say in what me or You take into our bodies as long as we don’t hurt another human being on this planet.
    There is countless research to prove the benefits of psychedelic drugs like psilocybin mushrooms, marijuana and especially DMT.
    DMT is illegal? Did You know it is produced by the pineal gland in Your brain every night You sleep? Did You know the body produces it during heavy REM sleep, while dreaming? It also produces it when You die or “almost” die producing NDE’s.
    So technically everyone that has had an intense/lucid dream has “broken the laws of the USA”. WTF?
    You need to open Your mind and realize that cigarettes, alcohol not to mention the worst of all pharmaceuticals create more deaths than any “illegal” drugs combined times 1000.
    Just over the counter and prescription drugs combined were responsible for over 60% of the 141,000 traffic accidents in just one year according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration .
    The government should have no say, in a free society, in how an individual defines cognitive freedom and exploration.
    To perceive the universe in the way that the individual wishes to perceive it is true freedom. If an individual chooses to explore their spiritual nature through psychedelics, who are You to tell them their are breaking the law? Perhaps You need a lesson in Ethnobotany.
    All drugs effect our consciousness, but HOW they affect should be the debate. Sanctioned and taxed drugs like alcohol and cigarettes don’t do anything to expand ones mind and consciousness and kill millions of people each year yet are legal, and the drugs that open Your mind up to make You realize how You’re being fucked and lied to by the media and world “elite” who run the entire global market system those drugs are illegal, coincidence?
    At the end of the day, Liberty means freedom from government regulation and control.
    Its clear that You fundamentalist religious types aka fascists can’t understand individual rights whether they be spiritual, or physical.

    Read the book: DMT – The Spirit Molecule

    Case Closed.

    “Take that to the bank, cash it and go on a fucking vacation out of my life.” – Bill Hicks

    • Victor Says:

      Yes, I know. I think you went into the wrong speech. I, for the most part, agree that the drug laws in the US are silly at best. But, whether or not the government “should” be able to prohibit a substance is not really related to the reality that they do. That being the case, once a law is enacted, is should be enforced equally. That’s all I said.

  6. I used psychedelic drugs on a weekly basis for nearly ten years and I am grateful I did as they helped save my life. In fact they turned me on to life. I am in my late fifties now and still consider my introduction to psychedelics divine intervention. I rarely run into folks today that understand that. I’m guessing I’m hanging around the wrong folks.
    As an older human type I am now exploring all the same things I always was; My path to love pure and unadulterated. My interest today is caught by subjects such as “Ancient Aliens” and “Quantum Physics” I absolutely believe that psychedelics are a major tool to enlightenment and spirituality. A “Magical Mystery Tour” if you will.
    This is my first step in attempting to reconnect with what I love…Love and Light.

  7. Morrie Says:

    I too find myself engaged in learning about ancient aliens, and meta physics, orgone, and such. I grew up as a Mormon. I spent 17 years in a cult and am now completely turned off to all religion. But I know that the puzzle is much bigger. Therefore I continue to seek for more and other puzzle pieces. Does anyone know how to contact the Church of the Holy Light of the Queen in Ashland Oregon? Please advise if you do know. I want to carefully explore the other realms now and I want to do it with some knowlege going in. I have never done any drugs except marijuana in high school for a month. After I left the cult my life seemed to just take off. I am oriented to love, peace, effective communication, and learning all I can of “real” truth. Ayahuasca is definitely the first step for me that I have not yet taken. I need a little more info from real people that I can pick their minds and hearts concerning it.

    In order for a man to find the truth, he must love the truth more than he loves his present beliefs.

  8. gay Says:


  9. Jackie Says:

    By the ruling of the court you should now b able to use mesculin or paoti sp long as u r native

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