What’s the Point of an Afterlife Without an After-Afterlife?

bibleheavenWhat would happen if you got to Heaven and found out that that was all there was? After heaven, there is no more. What would be the point of an afterlife without an after-afterlife? None. It would be totally hopeless, devoid of any significance. How could you cope? You might as well kill your immortal soul.

And what about God’s God? What if you got to Heaven only to find out that God doesn’t have a God? How could God possibly know what is moral and what is sinful if He does not have a God giving Him an absolute set of arbitrary rules to follow? This would make Heaven, God’s domain, a chaotic place full of disobedience, murder, larceny and angel on angel gang bangs.

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3 Comments on “What’s the Point of an Afterlife Without an After-Afterlife?”

  1. Scott M Says:

    That’s funny!

  2. wahid Says:

    Thinking about the existence afterlife is reasurring but what scares me is what are we then living for after heaven ,or are we just stuck on heaven forever and ever on and on.

  3. yeah Says:

    Hahaha I get your point but the second half of what you said was just funny to me. I don’t really believe in God but if he exists than he would be far more intelligent and if he’s all-knowing then he could understand things we can’t. I mean, that’s basically what you’re doing isn’t it? Trying to understand

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