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Jared Diamond Speaks on the Evolution of Religion

April 8, 2009

Jared Diamond, author of Guns, Germs and Steel and professor of geography at UCLA speaks on the Evolution of Religions. It’s a long speach, but very interesting.


Disputing The Pope’s “Miracle”

April 8, 2009

Well, apparently there may be some opposition to John Paul’s magic bead miracle after all. When John Aebly recovered from a gunshot wound to the head after being given some magic beads by a hospital chaplain, there was big talk about attributing his recovery to the late John Paul II (aka Karol Wojtyla), thereby greatly hastening the deceased Pope’s bid for sainthood. Of course, Aeby was was already in the hospital recovering, but that’s a minor detail to the miracle crowd.

Paul V. Murphy,director of the Institute of Catholic Studies at John Carroll University was quoted as saying:

“It’s very easy to leave yourself open to the charge of superstition if you too readily claim that instance is a miracle”

Aebly himself has no trouble attributing the healing process to the supernatural, but he seems to be missing the late Pope on his thank you list:

“I truly believe that one of the reasons I’m here today and am able to speak to you is because of the millions of prayers that I’ve received from family, friends, co-workers, even people that I haven’t met,”

Whoo, dissss.

Not attributing human healing to supernatural causes shouldn’t come as a surprise to the 21st century Catholic Church. In Janruary, the Pope himself has demanded intensive investigation into cases of Virgin Mary Sightings and stigmata. Apparently miracles don’t come lightly these days. They have to be “proven”. If that’s the case, they may have to wait a long to canonize John Paul.