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The Gospel of the Easter Bunny

April 13, 2009

Those Who Pray Think of God as a Person

April 13, 2009

brainNot a real interesting study (or result) or 20 people showed that talking to God was very similar (brain-wise) as talking to another person as opposed to talking to an inanimate object. This is not, of course, in any way a study of god or religion, but only of how people relate to god as an entity.

The key piece of evidence in this study was the activation of the prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain that is activated when we expect some sort of reply – for instance, it would be active when we talk to a friend, but would not be active when we talk to our plants.

Now, if we can just answer why god only answers back to crazy people and never shows himself. We have a name for god’s like that. They’re called a cock soul tease.