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Roger Ebert Opens Up on Religion

April 18, 2009

As his recent writings have shown us, Roger Ebert is (and always has been) much more than a mere movie critic. He is also a deep thinker and a humanist. He shares his thoughts on God and why he does not use the label atheist or agnostic in this article How I Believe in God. Like most of his work it is very well written and entertaining to read.

I was in a place, myself, were I did not refer to my self as an atheist. In a way it does put you into a box. But, so does every other label: Democrat, Republican, Catholic, Pagan, Shark Worshiper, etc. In pratical life, it is very hard to peg anyone merely from their affiliations. People sitting in the same church on Sunday may have very different viewpoints than the people sitting in the very same pew as them. With atheists it is no different. Atheism only denotes a lack of belief in a god or gods, nothing more. But, in a country in which a lack of belief in god can forever end your entering any political position or even people arguing against your right to voter, I decided it is worth the antagonaztion. I will no longer fear to use a label that defines me very well merely because of the bigotry that surrounds it.