Woman’s Attempt to Kill the Antichrist Foiled

catholic-antichristRoman Catholic priest Reverend Michael Massaro was stabbed twice in the back by 57 year old Josephine Gatchell who said he was the Antichrist. She in currently in police custody. The Antichrist says he forgives her.

Of course, it hasn’t been proven that he’s the Antichrist yet, but the Catholic Church surely can’t take these things lightly and I’m sure an investigation is underway.

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6 Comments on “Woman’s Attempt to Kill the Antichrist Foiled”

  1. yunshui Says:

    *from the linked article*

    And just for the record, “I am not the Antichrist, that I know of,” Massaro said with a laugh

    Isn’t that exactly what the real Antichrist would say? I think Mrs Gatchell may be onto something…

  2. scouise Says:

    just to let you people know that death is nothing. people get kiled in these bloody wars that the human race demands to have for superiority. i was given this number on my aa card when my car broke down.on the last digites it has the anti christ number 066r makes you stop and think as i have seen the way those religous peole behave.

  3. i dont think he is the anti christ becuase in the bible the anti christ was not human being and will rise from the bottomless pit.

    • Polycarp taught that whoever taught false doctrine was an antichrist. The epistles of John seem to agree. One way or another, the early Christians were a paranoid bunch.

  4. h,,,,,…………….again lyka,,,,,,,,,,,,,, please post your comment about my comment on you”””””i read your article about god/……….again stop pushing god………..

  5. The Devil Himself, not the antichrist, leeroy mufukn Jenkinz Says:

    He cant be the anti christ i would know!

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