Priest Caught Cavorting

Hey, baby!

Hey, baby! I'll touch your soul ... with my finger!

Hunky priest Alberto Cutié has been photographed sticking his hand in the swimming suit bottoms of an unidentified woman.

“This week’s cover of TVnotas shows Cutié, 40, laying on his back in blue shorts with an unidentified, long-brown-haired woman in a dark bathing suit wrapping her legs around him.

The other 24 pictures, which TVnotas says were taken over a three-day period in March, include one with Cutié’s hand inside the woman’s bathing suit touching her posterior. Still another shows the couple kissing at an unidentified terrace bar.”

Now, you see, if they didn’t go around telling everyone that they were celibate, there wouldn’t be a problem; They could frolic with women all they want (hopefully responsibly). But, since they do, there is.

Here a link to a letter written by Sister Karol Jackowski called A Nun’s Story. I’ve linked to it before, but it really fits here. Sister Karol relays that this sort of thing goes on all the time in the church; it’s just a little secret that everyone knows (like Nancy Gribble’s affair with John Red Corn on King of the Hill).
As long as priests and the Catholic Church want to be seen as perverors of wisdom and morality, they are going to have to start with honesty. The celibacy angle let’s them claim an air of moral superiority, but ultimately it’s one that unrealistic for every priest to take. It holds them to an ideal they can’t meet that ultimately calls for them to lie to their congregation and the world.

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