Will Norm Coleman Concede?

Not if Micheal Steele has anything to say about it. And, by the sound of this article, he’s put himself in charge of the whole fiasco. The “smaller government” party wants to take the state’s issue to the federal courts.

If the court, which hears arguments in the case on June 1, rules in favor of Al Franken, “then it’s going to the federal courts,” said Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Michael Steele has not only demanded that Norm Coleman be declared the winner of the Sentatorial race, he demands that, upon his death, Norm Coleman’s body be encased in a class casket and declared Senator in perpetuity, Kim Il-sung style. And I’m not sure if that will satisfy him either. Perhaps a bean feast!

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2 Comments on “Will Norm Coleman Concede?”

  1. monado Says:

    Surely you jest! Is this the same Norm Coleman who wanted Al Franken to concede before the votes were all counted, to save the government money? I would ridicule him to hell and back on his vanity that won’t let him admit that he lost and let the winner of a good old, American, honest election take be declared. By denying the people of Minnesota of their elected representative, he is pushing government by court fiat and cheating the people of Minnesota. What’s wrong with you people? Can’t you get across to your own citizens what Norm the string-puller is doing to them?

    • I know. I want to follow Norm around with a radio playing “I Want It Now!” over and over until it drives him insane. Me, I’ve already been driven insane by this endless election.

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