The Fall and Flesh Eating Bacteria

Ouch, my ear!

Ouch, my ear!

Not Fall, as in Autumn, but The Fall, as in crazy creationist idea used to describe why there is anything less than divine in the world (similar to Pandora’s Box for you Greeks).

The problem with The Fall is, it’s a bit out dated, and not in just the obvious ways. Since the idea is basically Bronze Age mythology, it is really only useful to a Bronze Age understanding of the world . We now know about microbes and disease, hereditary illness, etc; we have a much longer and much more specific list of items that need to be accounted for with The Fall. So, instead of observing that a person is wasting away and chalking in up to some unresolved sin, we can now identify that a living organism, Necrotizing fasciitis for instance, is dining on their flesh.  Since it is a living thing, and all living things are created by God, God would have to have created this thing. This think that only does one thing … eat flesh. It could not have lived before The Fall, since there was no need for death, therefor no need for flesh eating bacteria. So, it must have been created after the Fall. If it was created after the Fall, that would constitute a 2nd instance of Creation which would be a heresy. By trying to prove the Bible, it disproves it.

The picture shows the guardian of Eden as a humanoid figure with a sword. Cherubim, as dipicted in the Bible though, are a bit more beastly.

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