Zion Curtians

Utah BeerThe more you know about Mormons, the weirder they are. As I have just learned, bars in Utah had to have glass partitions between the bartender and the patrons until today.

Partitions known as “Zion curtains” — usually made of glass — that separate bartenders from customers began coming down early Tuesday.

The partition was intended to make drinking alcohol in public a social taboo. Originally, all alcohol in restaurants was supposed to be hidden from view until it was served to a customer. Customers still aren’t allowed to order a drink in a restaurant unless they intend to order food, too.

This law just does not make sense. It didn’t affect anyone that would support it. See, anyone that would be at a bar ordering a drink would not be a Mormon, or at least not a very good one. This in only an example of the majority imposing it’s will on the minority.

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One Comment on “Zion Curtians”

  1. Stephanie Z Says:

    If the law made sense, there’d be no point in having it. What authority do you display if you’re telling people to do what they’d do anyway? It would be like walking into a nightclub and shouting, “Dance, monkeys! Dance!” Nobody would hear you over the music.

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