Marraige is so Gay

Methodists have decided not to do the gay marriage thing.

It’s their decision for their organization, it’s up to them. But, my question is: Why do churches feel the need to recognize any marriage outside of their own church anyway? Any church should be able to admit that they can’t force individuals outside of their church to stand up to their rules.

Churches seem to be afraid that if gay marriage passes they will be forced to officiate same sex weddings (this is obviously not true). Well, civil unions don’t affect any church, so why should a civil marriage? Or a marriage ordained by any other church; a church that you are not a member of?

The Catholic Church notoriously does not accept any marriage performed in any other church. This policy doesn’t seem to cause any problems in the world.

The only body that needs to accept the marriage would be the government and secular organizations. Churches do not.

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One Comment on “Marraige is so Gay”

  1. Sabio Says:

    Superbly put !

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