Christians Ruining Movies

A Christian group called “The Resistance” is planning on disrupting screenings of the movie “Angels and Demons” because of their complete and total ass-hole-er-ry. I do love it when Christians remove all doubt as to what huge jerks they can be.

The fabulous movie, The Last Temptation of Christ, had a pipe bomb go off in the theater. The Life of Brian had protesters standing outside the theater. I don’t recall anyone planning an organized rebellion against The Passion or Expelled.

The Resistance said in a release it will have “dozens of theaters in major cities filled with their members to interrupt the premiere by shouting at audiences about how the film and novel it’s based on are a fraud aimed at covering up the fact that the Illuminati secret society continues to exist and illegally influences political affairs in America.”

I have read the book. It was an ok page turner. Fun. Nothing to get excited about. It case anybody hasn’t caught on, though, here is Dan Brown’s MO: he picks a conspiracy theory … with me so far? …. ok, then he writes a detective story around it. Hope I didn’t lose you there. These books can only be taken seriously if you take the conspiracy theory seriously, and most of them are pretty easy to see through. As far as I’m concerned, Dan Brown’s books do not treat the conspiracy theories with any respect or make them any more believable. But, these are probably the same people that refuse to go swimming because of Jaws.

These huge protests, though, do give the film more credence. They do make it seem like there is something they are trying to hide. And it is funny that there is a group of completely irrational people protesting against another group of completely irrational people. I wish they would stay out of the way of people that are trying to enjoy a fun popcorn flick, though. Maybe they could have a talk in their town’s “public square”. They seem to want to talk there a lot.

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4 Comments on “Christians Ruining Movies”

  1. vjack Says:

    Let them protest all they want outside the theater (at least until the theater owner gets fed up and calls the cops). If, however, they try to ruin the movie for those who paid to see it, I hope they get what’s coming to them.

  2. Chris Green Says:

    This has me in stitches at the same time that my blood just reached boiling point. It never ceases to amaze me how people can just appoint themselves as censors. I thought someone already filled that post.
    Oh Yeah! That’s right the board of Censors. They passed the film, gave it a certificate and the film is on general release. Why don’t these christians shut the hell up and go get a life. You know, do something constructive. Just stay out of my way.

  3. Rev. Barky Says:

    I heard a synopsis and frankly, it sounded awful. Taking diggs at the Catholic Church is like stepping on the toe of a cripple. Pathetic.

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