Gay Marriage Will Hurt Small Business?

GOP chairman Micheal Steele said in a speech on Saturday that they should start selling the anti-gay marriage hate speech as pro-small business speech (never mind that they never seemed to care about small business before). He’s saying that the extra cost of insuring a spouse that couldn’t legally be a spouse before will bankrupt every mom and pop store in the nation. What their argument is that doesn’t involve firing every married person working today is, I don’t know. Perhaps he will want to re-institute slavery. That will save small businesses a ton of money. Not only would they not have to pay any health insurance for black slaves, they wouldn’t have to pay them at all. I could buy Micheal Steele. He looks like he has a strong back. No offense, it’s all in the name of helping small businesses.

Of course, I’m kidding. Micheal Steele, I think, is serious, though it is pretty hard to tell with the GOP these days. Really, it’s pretty hard to blatantly try to deny civil rights to a large group of human beings and not look like some kind of buffoon. Especially when you’re trying to sell it as an advantage to businesses. I ruined these people’s lives, but I made a couple of bucks.

Of course, true small businesses don’t have to provide health care, anyway. And, if we liberals have anything to say about the matter, health care will go to a national single payer platform, doubly solving the issue (all businesses large and small will benefit from national health care. Even health insurance companies, which can act as administrators for the gov’t plan without the risk of actually providing the coverage. All gain, no pay).

I think this new tactic is a great intelligence test. If you buy it, you’re a moron.

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3 Comments on “Gay Marriage Will Hurt Small Business?”

  1. Chris Green Says:

    Would someone care to explain to me how someone’s sexuality will adversely affect small businesses. I’m all of a quandry on this one.

    • They’re trying to say that the extra cost of providing health insurance for a spouse will negatively affect the bottom line of small businesses. It’s pretty silly, of course, because it’s putting profits above civil rights and human needs and, if followed to it’s logical goal, excuses the firing of all married people. I would be surprised if the pathetic line of reasoning (if you can call it that) even gets off the ground floor. I’m surprised Micheal Steele had the nerve to even say it.

  2. Rev. Barky Says:

    I MORE afraid some terrorist is going to leave a bag of flaming nuclear material on my front doorstep. Oh wait a minute – I’ll be back, I have to answer the front door….

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