Teacher Stayed at his GF’s House: Got Fired For It

Xavier High School, a private Catholic school in Appleton Wisconsin, fired a teacher for spending the night at his girlfriend’s house. Like any respectable Wisconsinite, he had a couple of drinks and decided it was safer than driving home. The school, apparently, thought otherwise.

He has supporters from withing the school, but they seem to be off the mark as well:

“I think he chose the lesser of two evils,” senior Jeremy Davis said. “Now he’s being punished for it.”

I really don’t see how an adult spending the night at his girlfriends is an “evil”. He’s an adult, his gf is an adult.

Strange as it is, though, he was working for a private Catholic school. He may have to just grin and take it. Priests that molest children are moved to another city (keeping their job), teachers that spend the night at their gf’s are fired. Strange alternate universe they live in.

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2 Comments on “Teacher Stayed at his GF’s House: Got Fired For It”

  1. Rev. Barky Says:

    Outrageous! He should have been hung from a crane on the village square!
    What’s with these pantywaist adminstrators that choose to “spare the rod” by merely firing him?

    • Frank Jerks Says:

      I am a longtime friend of Matt Prill and I just put his name in google and this crap came up. were do I begin:For he who hasnt sinned may throw the first ston really comes to mind. And were every Coach Prill sleeps is his peronal business and wouldnt you have to prove that he did something wrong in order to convict him? I think the girlfriend hit it on the head some parent went on a witch hunt and Coach was taken down unfairly if anyone reads this and nows Matt please pass on this Phone # I would love to hear from him! Its one of his old college buddies FJerks he will know xxx-xxx-xxxx thank you

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