Spiritual Encounters

brainPart 2 of Barbara Bradley Hagerty’s book plug series is called “Are Spiritual Encounters All In Your Head? She tells the story of a man that developed temporal lobe epilepsy after a head surgery. It caused seizures where he heard voices and saw visions. It has been theorized that all of the religions sages of the past have suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy (a theory I think gives them too much credit).

Then Barbara was hooked up to the God Helmet and had her temporal lobes stimulated with a weak magnetic field, causing her to see a face. This is an experiment I’ve always wanted to try, though I fear I may not experience anything. I’ve never had anything that I could call a vision and I believe the machine can only bring them out if the subject is already prone to them. Mother Teresa famously said that she never had any sort of a religious experience in her life.

The ability for scientists to induce visions and spiritual experiences in the laboratory is definitely a large blow to organized religion. Not many theologans are will to claim that they are summoning God himself with a bicycle helmet, though I’m sure a few of them will claim they are tapping into God’s party line. So, will this experience change Hagerty’s opinion on God? She is a True Believer. It’ll be fun to see. I doubt that it will, and even if it does she’ll probably keep mum about it. She’s got a book to sell, and she knows her audience too well to let them down.

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