Bill Donohue Mocks Rape Victims on TV

When can a man openly mock rape victims in the national media and get away with it? Not only get away with it, but still be seen as a honorable man to look up to? Simple, this man just needs to be Bill Donohue and all kinds of unbelievably vile crap can come out of his mouth with no repercussions.

People often times have difficulty believing some of the historical allegations of injustice performed by the Catholic Church, but this is happening right here in the present, in front of the cameras, and people are letting it go. Bill Donohue is the worst spokesman the CC could ever have. I believe he alone is the cause of most of their decline in membership over the last few years, yet he retains his job. Why? Running a prostitution ring lands you in jail, but running a child molestation ring turns out to be a pretty cushy job.

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