Children should be taught Christian values

The new head of the Catholic Church in England, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, says that children should be taught Christian values.

Oddly enough, he plans on teaching it to them with his dick. Over and over, until they sue. Then he’ll move to another city to teach some more children.

He said that a tendency to view children in terms of their ability in exams rather than as people risks “polluting” their education.

Not sure what the hell he means by that. I could say that children need to be treated like people instead of like a number in a pew. Schools exist to teach, adding classes in superstitious matters doesn’t automatically make the institution a surrogate parent. Listen, go to school to learn, go to church to do your worshiping (if you are inclined to), go to the grocery store to get your groceries, the gas stationt to get gas. This mixture of religion and school is ridiculous. It is a relice of a monoethnic culture and is no longer applicable. It wasn’t even necesarry when it began, it just wasn’t cumbersome enough to get in the way. Throwing out religious classes for more time in math would be a benefit to every student, religious or not. Your out of school activities can be conducted wherever you want.

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