Witch Bottle? The One With the Urine In It

witch17th Century myths lead to 17th century piss. A “witch bottle“, a jar filled with piss and nail clippings, was unearthed in Greenwich, England.

Researcher Alan Massey says:

“the objects found in witch bottles verify the authenticity of contemporary recipes given for anti-witchcraft devices, which might otherwise have been dismissed by us as being too ridiculous and outrageous to believe.”

Too ridiculous? Obviously he’s never heard of the Eucharist ceremony in which crackers and wine are believed to turn into a cannibalistic feast. How is pissing in a jar to jump start a spell any different?

Archaeologist Mike Pitts said:

“The discovery of something so apparently bizarre, indicating a clear belief in witchcraft and forces that have nothing at all to do with conventional, approved religion, remind us that early modern England did not belong to the same world we now inhabit.”

Oh, I will have to disagree. People still believe this shit down to their core. Anyone remember the lady who wanted to cure her son of cancer with vitamins? People are stupid and superstious. Christian religions do not shun witchcraft because the think it’s a silly waste of time, they believe it full force. When I was in high school I got pulled out of a class and talked to because I happened to wear a black shirt the same day I was reading a Stephen King novel. The teacher was convinced I was involved with black magic. It was all I could do to keep from laughing at her.

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4 Comments on “Witch Bottle? The One With the Urine In It”

  1. john_poson26 Says:

    What type of high school did you attending? When I was a young lad, about 7 or so, my Mom took me and my siblings to a tent Church here in Seattle, back in the 60’s. I blogged about my experience:


    • It was just a regular old public high school. This one teacher was just way off base. Now that I realize what she was I can look back on some of the little seeds of Christianity she tried to sow into our minds. None of them took, of course.

  2. minyun Says:

    when i was in hs the jrotc instructor came up to me at lunch to talk to me about the tshirt i was wearing that day. it was a white zombie shirt with a demonic face and the band name on the front and ‘say yes to satan’ on the back. he told me i needed to turn my shirt inside out so i asked him why. he said that the image on the front was ‘too graphic.’ i told him it was the album cover (not sure if that was true). he then asked about the slogan on the back. i said, ‘i believe that has to do with religion and we’re not allowed to discuss that here.’ he walked off and got the vp to come talk to me. the vp told me to turn my shirt inside out. i agreed but went back to class without doing so and never did. lol

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