The Madonna the Catholic’s Hate

Want to make a difference in the world? Protest a Madonna concert.

A committee is hoping to keep the Material Girl from taking to the stage in Warsaw on 15 August (09), which coincides with the Assumption of Mary feast – a holy date in the Catholic Church.

A Catholic Society representative maintains the controversial pop star’s shows on her Sticky & Sweet tour are anti-Christian and would conflict with the religious celebration.

Ok, why are people that wouldn’t be going to the concert anyway protesting it? It’s just ridiculous. Religion seems to turn people into totalitarian assholes pretty damn fast. They don’t like the concert, so nobody can see it. Last month Russian officials asked that she not blaspheme during her show. I’ve never been much of a Madonna fan, but I’m beginning to like her.

What the hell is offensive about this? She has her clothes on.

What the hell is offensive about this? She's wearing more clothes than that Jesus guy.

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One Comment on “The Madonna the Catholic’s Hate”

  1. agnes Says:

    those malicious falsehood are really disgusting , religion is not about baning people , it is simiular to Michel Jackson accusation of child molesting . Are you people are chistian or just pseudo secta fanatics which want to band everything what is opposit your belief. If u will be true christian u will never put this on web and won’t be banning but will forgive this poor soul, isn’t that right???Polish are becoming more and more dumb asses esspecialy when this is about religion , just stupid!!! Better you will try put on the right path your people who are comming to other countries and honestly behave like jerks and whores, snogging just a met guy who bought them a drink. I know a few polls , my mum is poll and I just can’t stand your banning Madonna, and surely I know that she didn’t mean any harm to anyone, and amazingly I’m not fan of Madonna .As person before me said it’s just ludiciorus , and this shows that u peope are not real christian. I’m frustrated, hm what a dumb asses

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