In The Beginning …

Genesis 1:1 … with some minor scientific corrections.

Text by Michael Shermer

Of course, there are some people that will say this is all wrong; that ancient man knew more than modern man. These people seem to think that the pyramids looked hard to build, therefore the ancient Egyptians must have had some sort of anti-gravity device rather than just those silly old millions of slaves. They believe that just because some old Greek philosopher that used stories to give moral lessons told a story about a place called Atlantis, that this Atlantis place must have really existed and because it really existed it must have had lasers and nuclear reactors, otherwise why would we be telling stories about it. Well, there is no arguing with these people.

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One Comment on “In The Beginning …”

  1. Bill Says:

    Not to mention the fact tht Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 have differing and contradicting accounts of the creation myth. Conservative biblical scholars go through mental contortions to try and justify these differences. It’s just sad that they don’t go back and read their apologetic nonsense to see how illogical and transparent their desperate and frightened “reasoning” truly is. But then they might start to really wonder if the whole ball of wax really is wax…

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