Jesus, Put On Some Pants!


Hey guys, could you look at this? Does it look inflamed?

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One Comment on “Jesus, Put On Some Pants!”

  1. Bill Says:

    Had he actually been an historical person and truly been crucified, he would have been in the nude as he “hung on the cross.” This was the actual custom for that type of execution– part of what was the sadistic public humiliation of it. But throughout history, the prudish, dualistic, body hating (catholic) church would not allow paintings to depict his actual crotch-shot. Hence the fig leafesque loin cloth that he always wears (impeccably) as he writhes in pain.

    god forbid people see a grown man’s doodle! It could cause them to have “impure” thoughts while they look at the visual depiction of a barbaric execution of the god-man who is the son of the invisible old man in the sky who kills him to attone for our original sin (black smudge on our soul, according to my fourth grade nun) with his “blood sacrifice.”

    Filthy doodles! Currupting the rational thoughts of righteous christians!

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