Idiot TV Preacher

This guy is fucking amazing. Probably the best TV preacher ever. He just jabbers and jabbers. Says all kinds of stuff. Stuff like:

  • Kenny Loggins and Micheal J Fox are evil.
  • Satan … no big deal. He only raises tables
  • God would be a great business partner
  • You can tell Jesus is the Lord, because when people hit their thumb with a hammer the don’t yell, “Oh , Buddha”.

These are the kinds of videos that get Christians emailing me saying, “Don’t lump me in with him.”

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3 Comments on “Idiot TV Preacher”

  1. Karen Says:

    HA ha ha ha ha ha, I love that man! He’s super duper awesome.

  2. Bill Says:

    Don’t lump them in with him??
    Why becasue they SOUND less delusional?

    Dawkins is right. One person has delusions it’s insanity, millions have delusions, it’s religion.

  3. jaabooja Says:

    i dont love jesus,mohamedor moses,i dont believe in god but like the buddhist but not a member,ive studied them all.and in the words of pt barnum there is sucker born every two mins and two to take him,just send 9.99 and we will a go to heaven kit……..while the preacher drives laughing to the bank in his bentley

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