Society of Saint Pius X in Winona, MN

The Society of Saint Pius X (cousin of Malcolm X?) did some ordaining of a few priests in Winona MN last week.

An ultraconservative group plans to ordain 13 Roman Catholic priests in Minnesota – even though their elevations likely won’t be recognized by the Vatican.

Well, the Vatican doesn’t recognize most ordinations in the world. Really, only the Catholic ones. I ordained my cat last night, and that’s not recognized by anyone beside me and him.

No one outside of any church needs to recognize or acknowledge positions within those churches. They are only significant to them. If they are educated men, I respect the education they have, though some of that is doubtful; education in one religious school is not necessarily equal to another.

Oddly enough, I do understand the traditionalist’s side on cases like these. The Vatican II made good reforms (socially) to the church, but, if your opinion is that the body and laws of the church are an institution from God himself … yeah, you can’t just go changing them to try to keep membership up. That would be denying God for the purpose of income. Not a good thing.

Of course, I think they’re both wrong, so it’s really just a side show to me. The Traditionalists all seem a bit backward (though this may be because¬† of Mr Haulocaust denier), and the Pope hasn’t really got the guts to do anything about it. Most of his attempts at reconciliation have come across as acceptance of their radical beliefs. He should just let them go. After all, they didn’t leave the church because of a fight over the last cookie, they honestly do not agree with the church they’re in. Let ’em go.

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2 Comments on “Society of Saint Pius X in Winona, MN”

  1. Bill Says:

    It’s like comparing manure to guano to me.

  2. Bill Says:

    By that I mean manure to guano (in my opinion).

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