Is Michele Bachmann American?

Is Michele Bachmann American? Let’s check her census form … what could be more American than an American census form?

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., won’t fully fill out the U.S. Census form next year, even though that violates federal law, according to the census bureau.

The other detailed questions, she said, amount to an invasion of her family’s privacy.

Bureau spokeswoman Shelly Lowe said Bachmann is “misreading” the law because “it’s mandatory to answer the questions.”

Ok, she’s refusing to fill out her census. Now she’s being a pain just to be a pain. What the hell is the deal with the rebellious teenager syndrome the conservatives have developed lately? It’s fucking embarrassing.

So, what are the questions Bachmann seems to think are so intrusive?

Questions that about Americans’ household incomes and commuting times are intrusive, Bachmann said (sic)

Mmmm, yes, I see. How … boring. She’s a public employee, so her income is a matter of public record. Communiting time … well, I could figure that out with her address and her place of work. So, those are pretty stupid. Is she just trying to insight more rebellious hyjinks among her mean spirited anxiety ridden admirers? Me thinks so.

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2 Comments on “Is Michele Bachmann American?”

  1. vjack Says:

    Because I personally have not seen her original birth certificate, I don’t think she’s an American.

  2. Bill Says:

    I think she’s from Hell, if I actually believed in Hell, that is.
    Otherwise, the closest thing in reality might be Newark.

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