The Gas Station Ghost

Remember that Gas Station Ghost hoopla that a store owner in Parma Ohio was using to try to increase the business to his store? Funny stuff, sure. But the problem is that people actually believe in all that hoodoo voodoo and it reinforces superstition and uncritical thinking.

Well, don’t worry, Captain Disillusion is on the case.

He did a pretty good job debunking the claim, and did some pretty good and funny editing while he was at it. I subscribed to his You Tube channel, you should too.

For more fun, there is a blog called Science of Ghosts (yeah, terrible name, I know). They post ghost pics and let people guess at what they are in the comments. None of them are ghosts, of course, but  some of them are nice and creepy looking. There usually isn’t enough information to decode the mysterious object that looks like a leg and a shoe, but, if people die then spend the rest of eternity posing for ambigious pictures, I’ll be very very disapointed in the universe.

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One Comment on “The Gas Station Ghost”

  1. J.J. Bugs Says:

    Can you help me out and give your opinion on my ghost picture? Is this the ghost of Lee Harvey Oswald?

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