Vatican Finds Proof of Miracle

The Vatican has claimed to have found proof of a miracle in the recovery of Chase Kear after a pole vaulting accident in which he suffered traumatic brain injury. The miracle is being attributed to Father Emil Kapaun who died in 1951.

I’m not sure when the miracle occurred; whether it was before or after the team of doctors worked on him.

“Kear survived a catastrophic head injury in October 2008 during pole vaulting practice at Hutchinson Community College. His family said they believe his life was saved by his neurosurgeon and other doctors, but also by thousands of prayers to Kapaun.”

It is funny that they would jump right to the conclusion that it’s a miracle. It’s almost as if they had some sort of ulterior motive or something:

“Declaring it a miracle would help determine whether Father Emil Kapaun of Pilsen will be canonized as a saint of the Catholic Church.”

Ah, a new saint. And an American saint at that. So, a new saint in a country that has seen a reduction in church attendance in recent years. Could they have a motive? I’m sure they’re being sincere. But, being that it’s a miracle that helped him, I bet those doctors feel pretty silly wasting all their time working on him.

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One Comment on “Vatican Finds Proof of Miracle”

  1. Trish Lewis Says:

    So reading this blog today, I denied the Holy Spirit?! Whoa…LOL

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